Trazos & Tendencias

We began our business life in 1.981, being Trazos y Tendencias, S.L. the entity which handled all the operations of the group covering the services of: Ephemeral architecture, stands, interior design, commercial spaces and retail.

More than 40 professionals form our team at Trazos y Tendencias including directors, creatives, technicians, decorators, sales staff, carpenters, personal assistants, and other specialist, that are highly experienced in the sector of the business.

We collaborate with leading companies in our sector which work with us to complement our services, adding a large number of people and businesses to improve the quality of service we offer.

Trazos y Tendencias has the capacity to manage projects from its initial planning stages to its final completion, facilitating our clients work and optimizing the results we obtain. For this we have a team of technical creators that have the most advanced computer techniques to create virtual presentations/animations, etc…

Our managers and project directors are permanently in contact with the client following the evolution and development of the project, assuring the completion of the project within the timeframe, costs, and budget.

Our experience includes over 30 international cities. Our highly qualified professionals are able to develop projects in any place under the strictest demands.

Our workshop facilities are fitted with the most advanced machinery for building elements of structures and carpentry. Paint booth treatments and lacquers, as well as the production of graphics and props, as well as having our own vehicles to transport materials, supported by machinery that can load, unload, and carry our products and material.